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Smart Solutions

With us, you do not need any satellite, receiver, box or other devices. It is only enough with a smart tv and internet. Works on all Android devices. Appletv, ios, android, pc, apple, tablets, smartphones, playstation, xbox one, magbox, dreambox & nvidiashield. Do not you own smarttv? take it easy! We also have tv boxes that only require internet connection, the boxes are easy to bring on the trip, the summer house, the neighbor, you have internet where you are, the TV box is working. Easy installation, convenient and working around the world.

Leading Server and quality.

We offer the best entertainment server with the latest and best content. A quick support with 24/7 opening hours allows you, as a user, to always get your questions answered no matter what time of day. Our service has more than 4,000+ SD, HD & HD + stream channels as well as 2000+ VOD (Video on Demand) movies with 99.95% stability on the server. Similar servers are used by those major traditional companies today. The server is guaranteed in top quality and best in test.

Unique Members

In order to always keep top it is necessary to place the resources correctly. We guarantee 100% Security and Top Quality for our members. Our goal is that members always get the highest quality, both on duty and support. We always help our members solve problems, whether 0 uses our service or not. We never open the port for anyone, our members are recommended and carefully selected. Membership with us is quality! All membership information can be found under the "Membership" tab.

Price Guranteed

We at Flip IPTV are unique in their kind. Buying mainstream services today is like playing Russian roulette. You do not know how long you have access to the service. We are so confident in our services that we are probably the ones that provide Price Guarantee. If you pay for our services, you as a member will feel safe with the purchase. If you pay 1 Month, we guarantee Month. Should you suddenly get rid of our server win, you will always get your money back if you buy 1 Month subscription with us, but only spent 14 days, you'll get the money back for those remaining days.


"Tested on iptv providers over the years. Flip Iptv are the best ones with stable server and very good support"

Emma Jones (Marabella)

Smarttv user

Jan 2022


"Good service and easy installation with support. Love the rock n roll music channels. Highly recommended."

Martin Davis (West Moorings)

Ipad user

Dec 2021


"We used the dish before and it worked well until the weather became bad. This is much better and easier to use."

Amanda Siesta (Freeport)

Android Tablet and Phone  User

Jan 2022

"Very Impressed with the Service, it was easy setup once they sent me the credentials, which they did quickly after payment."

Nora John (Chaguanas)

Fire stick user

 Jan 2022

"Thanks for the swift customer service . Top class !!"

Emmaual Marangisim (Couva)

Android TV Box User

 Jan 2022

"Very Good Communication, Very Fast Delivery, Channels are Pretty Very High Quality, Very Stable and for the Price is Pretty Good. I am Happy with this Subscription.

- Mohammed Sani (Debe)

iPhone User

Dec 2021


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