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IPTV Extreme for Android Device FREE TRIAL Instructions

Trinidad Local and International Channels

Look for the Google Play store icon on your Android Device. It looks something like this.

Click  on it a and a screen with a search bar will appear similar to this one

Now Click or Tap and on the Search Bar and Type IPTV Extreme as shown

Tap or Click on the Magnifying glass to start your search. A screen like this will pop up.

Select the first option (IPTV Extreme not the IPTV Extreme Pro) and click install

When finished installed, look for the IPTV Extreme App ICON that looks like this and open it

Open the app ON YOUR DEVICE (ITS IS THE IPTV EXTREME APP YOU JUST DOWNLOADED) and Send us the Mac Address YOU SEE WHEN YOU OPEN  THE IPTV EXTREME APP on your device Similar to the one shown here when submitting you information below.

Open the APP on your device and you will see your MAC Address In red.