Join Africa Future Summit

MEMO: 4th Annual Africa Future Summit. An initiative hosted by the Global Startup Ecosystem in partnership with Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Hubspot, Sendgrid, PointGlobal & More 

The Africa Future Summit is the world's most iconic summit curating an active network of investors, tech entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and business moguls. Each year the program gathers thousands of pioneers from across Africa and around the world to address and tackle challenges that affect Africa's future. The summit serves as a platform for influencers who are sourcing innovative solutions and partners that leverage exponential technology to accelerate Africa as the world's final tech frontier hub.  

This year's program structure is action packed with debate round tables, workshops, interactive demos, partner matching, networking sessions and expert panels. During the course of activities involved in the summit, speakers frontier tech investments, startup development and ecosystem building. 

The program concludes with a high profile call to action VIP session with summit speakers, sponsors and partners.

The 4th Annual Program will be held virtually on November 12 (10am-1pm EST). RSVP is free to all who attend.


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