What Makes Android Box to Stay Long?


After using smartphones you may have wishes to convert your television into a smart television and yes that is possible. With the help of an android box. You must be thinking that what is an android box? With the help of it you can convert any TV into a smart TV that will provide you access to different kinds of activities including using a web browser for accessing the internet. Apart from watching live shows and sports you can use multitude of applications on it including games.

What defines an Android box?
It is necessary to understand that what is an Android box actually consist of? It is also commonly known as Android TV box because it is mainly used for changing the experience of using a television. It is a box that is not more than 5 inches in width and two inches in height. Some may be smaller. The box is set up with the TV. It runs on Android operating system. It runs on the ARM based processor and that it can be ported to any device.

What makes Android box better choice?

Now that you know what is an android box you must be thinking that whether you and your family needs one. The answer will solely depend upon the way you watch television. Do you people love watching movies on Netflix, Hulu, Prime and other live TV options? Does your family member love streaming YouTube videos for various purposes and they want something more from your television apart from the satellite channels you get?

If most of the answers to the above questions are yes, then Android box is always a better option. Let's peep into the reasons why it should be so

The biggest advantage of an android box is its versatility. It allows you to download apps from Google Pay store, watch 1080p videos on your TV set and more. It changes the definition of watching television.

An android box will allow you to download from more than 5, 00,000 apps and also play games right there on your TV without using a Game console.

Android box will change the way you use your television. You can send emails from there and share interesting stories and apps with your friends.

Using an Android box will be a cheaper option too as it let you watch the live TV options like Prime, Netflix, Hulu and others at cheaper rates than the regular cable or satellite channels. You can pay only for those channels you love watching.

Above all the experience of doing all these in the giant screen of your television compared to your smartphone screen is something difference and that is possible only when you have installed an Android box.
You will get units that are available in different sizes and prices too. There are low cost budget boxes and ones that are high ends units comprising of latest hardware.

Should you go for one?
The answer solely depends upon whether you want to change your TV viewing experience.

Android boxes are here to stay and they will stay for long. For android phone users the whole thing will be very simple, for others the learning curve may be a bit stiff but it's worthy. An android box will make your television an interactive device in your home. Every family member will love it, whether they want to watch the ingredients of their favorite recipe better or enjoy the game in a bigger screen. After you have an android box satellite or cable will be history. So, why are you waiting for start looking for the best android box and change the television experience of your home Top TV Shop