Cardless Payment Information

Welcome to our Cardless Options. A new way to Pay!

Our New Slip System Accepts Payments Easier!

  1. Visit any of our Payment Dealers Listed Below and use cash to buy a specialized top up slip. 
  2. Enter the slip's unique 12-character reference number below to make a 'digital cash' payment. OR Simply E-mail OR Text OR WhatsApp it to us at 380-3746. We are flexible so don't worry.
  3. This allows non credit card holders or those without a bank account to enjoy the convenience of making digital payments to us.
  4. There is a secure electronic ledger system that permanently captures the details of every Slip payment transaction. 
  5. Reduce Cash-in-Transit Risk
  6. Have a Question ? Message or Call us. We are always here to help.


Payment Dealers

Arima - Jireh Jewelry and Creation Ltd,Store K Arima Shopping Plaza, EMR,310-4149 

Arouca- Pascal's Bakery, Corner 1st Street ad Five Rivers Junction , 223-6706 

Arouca-BJ's Drug World Ltd, #22 Eastern Main Road, EMR, 221-7571

Barataria - Cover Me Variety Store, #113 Eastern Main road, 391-4209

Blanchisseuse - D' Food Calabash Grocery, No.147 La Fillette Village, 467-0908 

Carapichima-Fine Soaps Limited, 27 Orange Field Road, 673-6740

Chaguanas -VTDC Services, 139 Edinburgh Southern Main Road, Chase Village, 688-3998 

Couva - Fotocraft Limited, Balmain Main Road, Couva, 636-2349

Curepe -Tuffy's Restaurant & Bar, 165 Southern Main Road, 465-5935

Diego Martin, NLC Tech Solutions Company Limited, Lp #130 Diego Martin main Road, 467-6053

Diego Martin- Pascal's Bakery, Diego Martin Main Road, 223-6702

Esperance- All Computer Things Are Possible, 1 Canary Street, 356-1030

Gasparillo- J's Dynasty, 74 Caratal Road, 735-3393

Guapo- Mizpah Connection, #35 Parrylands Village, 293-7015

Macoya- Dealshaker Trinidad and Tobago Limited , 17A Centre of Excellence, 235-4161

Marabella-Better Cell Mobile and Electronics, #204 Southern Main road, 286-2088

Montrose- Sammy's Supermarket, 78 Montrose Main Road, 291-8753

New Grant- Deodath Maharaj & Sons Hardware Ltd, 735 Torrib Tabaquite Road, Brothers Road, 656-2743

Petit Valley - Bodega - Sips, Snax & Stuff, 7 West Hills Commercial Plaza, Morne Coco Rd, 389-5928 or 231-4600

Piarco - Sound Solutions, #237 St. Helena Village, 372-6553

Point Fortin - Wayne Investments, 80 Point Fortin Main Road, 648-6789 

Point Fortin -R's Entertainment, #1 Tanner Street, 375-8736

Port of Spain - Insta Mobile, #74 Frederick St, 320-7490 

Port of Spain - St. Christopher's Convenience Store , #23 Wrightson Road, 225-4545

Port of Spain- Tech Access, Booth #1 Aboutique Mall, Federick Street 323-6359

Port of Spain, Zoom Tech, Henry Stree, Aboutique Mall, 288-5712 or 323-6359

Port of Spain- Media City, Charlotte Street, Bradford Mall, 624-3902

Port of Spain - Kesh's Place, #131 Duke St., 331-0596

Port of Spain, Pascal's Bakery, #143 Belmont Circular Road, 223-6707

Port of Spain, Pascal's Bakery, Lower Charlotte street, 223-6701

Port of Spain, Pascal's Bakery, #39 Belmont circular road, 223-6710

Port of Spain, Boom's World, Opposite Drag Mall Henry Street, 476-2456

Port of Spain, Mobile Fusion, Booth #1 Aboutique Mall, Federick Street , 323-8273

Princes Town, Ellie's Medicine Pharmacy Ltd, #294 St. Julien Village, Naparima Mayaro Road, 223-2041

San Fernando - Pitcher Electronics Ltd, 34 St. James Street, 228-9864

San Fernando - Nitronix , South Park, 723-2223

San Fernando - Tip Top Kids Clothing Company Ltd , 13 Lazzari Street, Mon Repos, 292-0695

San Juan - Nailz by Afeisha , #4 Saddle road, Patel mall , 305-1021

San Juan - El Socorro Mini Plaza Ltd, Corner Mohammedville and El Socorro Road, 674-5538 

San Juan - Ican Stationery and Party Supplies,#27 Aranguez Main Road, 610-5555

San Juan - Jovizna Tours Limited , #183 Lower El Socorro Road , 638-5391

San Juan -Epic Technologies, El Socorro Road , 638-8308

Sangre Grande, Jireh Jewelry and Creation Ltd, Grande shopping Center, EMR the second kiosks on the left, 310-4149

Sangre Grande-O'Brien's Exclusive, Lp 58 Ramoutar Street, 341-2246

St James - TAV Mobile, 2nd Floor, Long Circular Mall, 620-6203

St James - Golden Stars Trading, #47 Western Main Road, 375-8499 

St James - First Choice Supermarket, 32 Bournes Road, 622-5347

St. Augustine - Medi-Time Pharmacy Ltd,#86 Evans Street, 663-6334

Tobago - Bright Tech Communications - Digicel Dealership, Gulf City Mall, Lowlands, 270-0001 or 362-6677

Tobago - Bella Cosmetics (Key Computer Solutions Ltd), Wilson Road, Scarborough (Next to Royal Castle), 639-1858

Tobago -Bella Cosmetics (Key Computer Solutions Ltd), Milford Road, Crown Point (Next to Chef BBQ), 354-9295 or 639-1858

Tunapuna - Café de Escencia, #215 Eastern Main Road, El Dorado, 760-3991

Valencia - Winners Corner 89 Eastern Main Road (Opposite Police Station) 465-3270

Valencia - East Side Tyre Shop,22 1/4 mile Eastern Main Road, 324-5103

WoodBrook - The Avenue Pharmacy, 95 Ariapita Avenue, 222-1343

WoodBrook - Jomarlo Foods Ltd, #71 Ariapita Avenue, 680-6561

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