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First - Disable Auto Update

Follow the steps below to stop auto update on your SAMSUNG TV

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Support.
  3. Select Software Update.
  4. Select Auto Update.
  5. Select OFF
  6. Proceed to Secod Step

Second Step - Install the app

Search for the SMART IPTV App on the Samsung store. The app looks like this.

Install the App and complete the form below. If the app is not there proceed to the third step.

Third Step- Manual Install

The information we have is that Samsung has suspended the app from the Apps store. You can however manually install the app by downloading the Software and placing it in a USB Stick and placing it in your SAMSUNG USB Slot.

Tizen TVs (J/K/M/N/Q/R)

The application will appear on My Apps screen among other apps.

Non-Tizen TVs (E/ES/F/H/HU/J4/J52):

The application will appear on a Samsung Apps screen among other apps.

Important! The steps does NOT work on D series or older Samsung TVs. ( Click here Find out what Samsung Model you have )

Follow the steps below

Download and Install the following software in your windows computer before you proceeding - WinRAR

Note: When finished downloading click run or install

  1. Now Download this file

     2.      Copy this file in an open space in your USB Stick

     3.       Right click on the file and Select Extract Here

     4.       Place USB Stick in your SAMSUNG TV USB slot

     5        Power your TV

     5.       Wait for the application will install

Having Trouble, Take a look at these two videos.

Launch the App and Fill this Form.